Positioning – The Key To Differentiating Yourself In The Home-Based Business Industry

There is one topic in the home based business/network marketing/MLM industry (as well as online marketing/affiliate marketing/internet marketing) which is overlooked more often than any other and yet at the same time is likely the most important to your business success – and that is the way you position yourself. You see, most of us are taught very early on in our career in this industry to have what’s commonly called the “employee” mentality. We’re taught to think, talk, and behave like distributors or “independent representatives”. Now, at first sight, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with this idea as the whole point of network marketing is duplication and after all you want your downline to duplicate what you do, don’t you? That IS true, however, the fact of the matter remains that by doing what we are told we need to do to become successful in this industry we are not offering any unique VALUE to our potential prospects both on the product/service side of things as well as the opportunity side. In other words, using the classical “distributor” mentality and approach, there is nothing to fundamentally differentiate me as a distributor from any other distributor of the same company and product/service and even from many other distributors in other companies.We can see the same phenomenon in real estate, where agents will go to great lengths in a desperate bid to differentiate themselves through mostly ineffective billboard image ads which use terrible puns to “make them stand out and sound unique”. Sound familiar? I’m sure most of us have heard of or seen such terribly designed billboard ads. What is wrong with this approach, you ask? The better question to ask is, “what isn’t wrong with this approach?” These ads are cheesy and make you look just like every other agent jockeying for attention in a sea of faceless agents. Well what do you think happens when you get yourself a replicated distributor website, harass everyone in shouting distance, put flyers underneath windshields, etc.? The exact same thing. People perceive you as a salesman and nothing more. The problem with this is that although everyone loves to buy, no one likes feeling like they are being sold to. And this is exactly how our prospect feels when we use the traditional aggressive approach to MLM.What you need to start thinking about to turn this around and have the prospect chasing you instead is this: position yourself as a leader and an expert who is knowledgeable in his/her niche and who is the “go-to person” for any kind of product/service or company/compensation plan info. The person everyone else turns to when they don’t know the answer to something or how to approach a prospect or what to say to them. Because at the end of the day, if you don’t have any other value to offer to your prospect other than your product/service and your company’s opportunity and compensation plan, you’re essentially no different from any other distributor out there. People do business with people they (feel like they) know, like, and trust. In other words, no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care. Focus on getting to know the person first, their deepest needs, desires, wants, dreams, goals, and wishes and see how what you’re offering can help them achieve that. But even more so than that, teach them how to solve the two biggest problems in their business (in most cases): not enough leads and not enough cash flow.